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Strawberry and Vanilla Ice Pops now available at Times Supermarkets.




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Welcome to Ju-Mui's home page. Call us if you're interested in fundraising.

While there are other similar ice pops, our treat contains evaporated milk which makes for a creamier product, plus a whole li-hing mui seed. We currently offer 6 flavors: Strawberry (best seller), Vanilla, Green River, Lychee and Pineapple and Orange** (see note below). Call us for special orders. Each pop is individually handmade.

Ju-Mui Li-Hing Pops VS. shave ice: With Ju-Mui there's no mess. You won't need to rent a shave ice machine or handle big blocks of ice. We do the work.

Currently we're in all 7-Eleven Stores and Times on Oahu and the Neighbor Islands!

7-Eleven: Strawberry, Vanilla, Pineapple (exclusive),
and Green River (exclusive from 1-11-2016).

Times: Strawberry and Vanilla only





































































To secure your order:
Orders of 100+: 4-day notice
Orders of 200+: 1-week notice
Orders of 400+: 2-week notice is required with a 50% deposit.

In addition we can provide an ice cream cart that holds approx. 300 ice pops. There are also two freezers which hold approx. 300 or 500 ice pops, respectively that plugs into a wall or generator. Call for details.

We package ice pops by 24's for $25. Minimum order is $50.00 for 48 ice pops. We only sell by increments of 24's. You may mix the 6 flavors. Free delivery.

When ordering gel packs are provided upon request.

**We are running a special on the Orange Ice Pops. Buy 2 bags of Vanilla ($50) Ice Pops and get a bag of Orange Ice Pops for $15. Regular price per bag is $25. Once the Orange is sold out we will be discontinuing this flavor.

January Holiday Special: Ju-Mui ice cream cups for sale (3 cups for $5.00) Strawberry, Vanilla, and Pineapple; until supplies last. Cups = 5.0 oz.

If you have any questions, please e-mail us at
ju-mui@hotmail.com or call Jan at 265-5480 or you can also find us on Facebook.






























































The Pop: 10" x 2" , net. wt. 4.5 - 5.25 oz.