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Welcome to Ju-Mui Home.

Creamy ice cake with a touch of Li-Hing Mui.

Made on the island of Oahu.









































Need to fundraise? Why don't you give Ju-Mui Hawaiian Li-Hing Ice Pops a try -- frozen treats made with li-hing mui. There are other similar ice pops; but, our frozen pops have evaporated milk which makes for a creamier product. We currently offer six flavors: strawberry (best seller), green river, orange, lychee, pineapple, and vanilla. Each pop is individually made by hand.

Each pop is individually made by hand.

Clubs, teams, schools, and individuals have sold our ice pops at….

Car washes, garage sales, volleyball, basketball, baseball, soccer, and football games.

Ju-Mui Li-Hing Pops vs. shave ice: With Ju-Mui there's no mess, no need to rent a shave ice machine, and no need for big blocks of ice! We do the work.

To secure your order:
Orders of 100+: 4-day notice
Orders of 200+: 1-week notice
Orders of 400+: 2-week notice is required with a 50% deposit.

We package ice pops by 24's for $25.00. You may mix the 4 flavors.
Minimum order is $50.00 for 48 ice pops. Free delivery.

**** Important Notice! Please Read ****

To our valued customers;

Due to recent changes in Gaspro’s dry ice policy, beginning June 1, 2014 we will no longer be providing dry ice. However, we will provide gel packs for free and continue to have free delivery.


Call Jan or Randal Yee at 265-5480/265-5482 for more information. Or, you can e-mail us at ju-mui@hotmail.com.




The Pop: 10" x 2" , net. wt. 4.5 - 5.25 oz.